Credit Student

Title IX Compliance Training

What is this training?
This is a course that is designed to inform students of their rights under Title IX; sexual misconduct awareness, prevention and education training is provided.
How long is the Title IX Compliance Training and how long do I have to complete it?
The interactive training contains many challenging and interesting real-life situations. You don’t have to finish all of it at one time, but we do request that you complete the course within 30 days.
Do I have to take this class every semester?
Your training will be valid for two academic years.
How long do I have to wait to begin this class?
Access to the training will not be available until the Monday after the week you have registered for your classes.
If I have taken this training at another institution, do I need to take it again?
Transfer students that can verify completion of training within the last two years at another institution will need to provide proof of completion to your college Admissions office.
Is there more detailed information available about this training?
Here is a more detailed FAQ.

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